Pet Buddy is a pet waste removal company. 

We clean up pet waste removal , take it all away, we spray a yard deodorizer !  YAY !

We pride ourselves in being the best pet waste removal company in the business. When “doody calls” we don’t just pick up the piles, we pick up what has been there for a while, to be absolutely certain your yard is clean. We take away all pet waste and dispose of it ourselves. Other companies will only put it in your trash cans but this will stink up your cans.  We also spray a yard deodorizer, which be helpful if you haven’t had any yard cleaning in a while. Well worth the price and we always guarantee our work. Our company will soon be offering pet accessories, included Kurgo . We also deliver dog food. Any type, Any kind. We will do whatever we can do earn your business and work hard to continue to keep your business !